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New Race: Vampire

History of Race: Vampires have been around since the dawn of human civilization. Legend says Vlad the Impaler was the first vampire, but this is yet to be proven. Vampires are know for their insatiable bloodlust, but also known for their romanticism. Through the ages vampires have spread and can now be found just about anywhere.

Strengths/Abilities: Vampires gain two strengths upon being turned. Alot like "inheriting" the strengths from their sire. A vampire's sire can teach the vampire one new skill every 300 years. Please note: any vampires created prior to 11/27/02 DO NOT have to adjust their profiles.
Extraordinary strength
Extraordinary speed
Rapid Healing
Telepathy (Psychic Abilities)
Shape shifting

Weaknesses: A vampire's weakness MUST mirror their sire's. In other words, you must pick TWO weaknesses, when creating your vampire character, that the character's sire has as well:
Beheading (as far as being the only way to ensure death)
Removing/Destroying heart (as far as being the only way to ensure death)
Holy water
Holy symbols
Salt water

Details/Attitudes: A vampire's attitude is up to the creator, or writer, of that vampire.

Misc Details:
YOUNG VAMPIRES~ Young vampires are those vampires under 200 years of age. These vampires are considered the "weaklings" of the vampire community. Their strength is three times what their strength was before rebirth. Young vampires, however, are by no means powerless, for they are a force to be reckoned with to a point. Young Vampires are still closely bound to their sire, never seen away from their sire's side. As young vampires grow older (around 150) they can be seen for short durations hunting on their own, however, they are very vulnerable apart from their sires.

VAMPIRES~ Vampires are the next stage in vampiric life and the most common. Vampires are those between the ages (vampire age) of 200 and 1,500. Vampires still stay close to their sires, but it is not uncommon for them to be apart for up to 3 days. They are not as closely bound to their sire as young vampires are. Vampires are considerably stronger. As a BASE, they are approximately 10 times stronger than what they were before rebirth. a vampire of 200 years old still will have a very difficult time holding his/her own against a 1500 year old vampire. In essence their strength is proportionate to their age.

MASTER VAMPIRE~ Master Vampires are those vampires between 1,500 and 2,500 years of age. These vampires are rare in Eldhin. Only 5 Master Vampires per province is permitted. Master vampires handle any voting that may need to be done in Eldhin. Master vampires are quite a bit stronger than vampires, as their BASE strength is 20 times that of their pre-rebirth strength. However, again, their strength is proportionate to that of their vampire age. Master vampires are certainly a force to be reckoned with.
ANCIENTS~ Ancients are from 2,501 - 7,500 yrs old. Ancients can stay out in the daylight 15 minutes for every 1000 of "life". Can change appearance, but only as themselves i.e, can look 19 one minute and 100 the next. Can change the color of their eyes at will. Commune with all animals, but moreso with canines. Only TWO Ancients allowed in to be residents. (Eldhin has its two Ancients)
These "strengths" can only be used if well fed. Also, after "using" a strength, need to feed. (With the exception of the eyes)
Ancients must have all strengths and weaknesses listed

COUNCIL~ A council vampire is a master vampire who holds the majority of the voting power. They are also "in charge" of the vampires of Eldhin. When presenting a new vampire into Eldhin, he/she MUST approach the present council vampire for request for residency. The council approves or rejects a petition as to where any vampire wishes to reside. The council vampire is virtually "immune" as far as the seat is concerned. In addition to the rule about needing to contact writers when interacting with any character they control, one MUST contact the writer of a council vampire to discuss gaining control of the seat of council vampire. To go further into NRP, council characters are voted to the seat and then action can be taken (with agreement between writers) to aquire the seat. Any writer with a character in the council chair can step down for any reason. Again, before they step down a new council member MUST be voted in.

SIRE~ A sire is a vampire who has turned at least one humanoid (human, elf, etc) into a vampire. A sire is extremely protective of their ward, and very rarely leaves his/her side. A sire is responsible for teaching the changling new skills, abilities, helping to perfect the inherited ablities, teaching the ropes, etc. A sire who leaves his/her changling unattended for long periods of time or "letting the changling go" is not looked to highly on and in some cases even scorned and shunned.

DRONES: Drones are servants (generally human, but other races have been known to be drones) who protect the vampire during their sleep time. Drones are a bit more powerful than normal humans, but still subject to many of the human vulnerabilities. They are almost like slaves to the vampire.

Creator's notes and restrictions for race: A vampire's strength (physical strength) is proportionate to the vampire's age. In other words, a 300 year old vampire cannot, "realistically", hold his/her own against a 1500 year old vampire. The 1500 year old vampire can (and most likely WILL) overpower the 300 year old vampire.
Even though strengths and abilities are "inherited" upon turning, there still needs to be a certain amount of "practice" time to perfect these abilities. The length of time needed to perfect an inherited skill is 2 weeks Eldhin time.

Vampires can ingest spinal fluid. Conditions:
Humanoids (anyone BUT vampires): Causes a drugged like state. Minor hallucinations (example: pink elephants in purple tu-tus dancing on the bed. Or colors surrounding others).
Other Vampires: Causes physical changes. These are: Elongated fangs (4 inches maximum), elongated, pointed ears, leather wings, pure white eyes. DOES NOT affect: strength, abilities, etc. This lasts four hours maximum. However, during this time, the vampire has an insatiable thirst and needs to feed more frequently.
RESTRICTIONS: Vampires can only ingest the spinal fluid that is aquired with the fingers. Anymore than this, the vampire will suffer a very violent death. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY A VAMPIRE CAN DIE OVER AND ABOVE THE WEAKNESSES PICKED
BLOOD RAGE: All vampires have the potential of going into a blood rage. This happens when a vampire hasn't fed in 36 hours or more. During a blood rage, the victim has no control. It's like a berserker state. The eyes turn blood red, the skin is very pale, the fangs elongate and they go into a crazed state where they don't realize what they are doing. A vampire suffering from blood rage can only be released from the rage by consuming blood. Only then will they realize what they have done. Usually the vampire will completely drain the victim before being released from the rage.

Copyright 2001, 2002