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Create a character HERE!!!! :)
PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be a member of Eldhin at Yahoo! Groups to submit a character.
Be ADVISED: If you just joined Eldhin, you may still submit a character, however, before your character can be approved you must still go through your "waiting period".

Character Creation Checklist:
  1. Is your character 3 dimensional? Be as specific as possible.
  2. Don't forget to put things the character doesn't know but could know later in parenthesis.
  3. Do you have all the required strengths and weaknesses for that race?
  4. Do you have specific skills for your character?
  5. Don't forget to fill out the Residence Form if you want your character to own a house.
  6. Does your character own his/her own business? Don't forget to submit the New Business Form.
  7. Does your character have a detailed and specific history? Please make sure the History is specific enough so that there are no questions about (for example) being in two places at once.
  8. Make sure you have all details filled out completely. Once this is submitted and approved no changes will be allowed (with the exceptiong of MINOR details. Any minor changes must be approved through the board) and characters MUST be played as is.

Before creating your character, please double check the Residents page and the Race description page to make sure the province hasn't reached it's limit.

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