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Board~ These are the Island's "higher ups". The Board can't be challenged as they mainly function via NRPG. The Board reviews character submissions, Law suggestions, Ads. They also instigate the votes and serve as "God/Goddess" in Eldhin. 

ET~ Eldhin time. See GT.
GOC~ Government Official Character. These characters don't interact with the normal interaction. These characters can't attack or be attacked. They cannot be tagged, unless they are already interacting. GOCs are not normal characters and only come in when they are asked/needed. There is an exception. In real life, attorneys, judges, etc, get attacked more times than we are aware of. IF the writer of the GOC agrees, their character can be attacked. This is NOT a normal occurance in Eldhin. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the site owner at dragonsdream@cox-internet.com.
GT~ Game time. Time expressed in the 24 hour "Eldhin world". Is interchangable with ET.
IRL/RL~ In Real Life or Real Life. These phrases are commonly used when talking about the real world. They are interchangeable.
Law~ Refers to the guidlines the characters must follow in Eldhin. Laws are separate from rules. If a character breaks a law they are subject to punishment by the Eldhin courts.

NRP~ Non-Role Play. This is used to refer to anything that we as our character's owners say. Example: When new vote subjects are posed to the group NRP will be in the subject line of the post.

NRPG~ Non-Role Play Game. A variation of NRP.

OOC~ Refers to the conversations between writers. What writers know, characters don't unless revealed through game play.
RP~ Role Play. Used to refer to the action when "being" your character. Seldom used except in NRP talk.

RPG~ Role Play Game. A variation of RP.

RT~ Real time. Time expressed in the 24 hour "real world".
Rule~ Refers to the guidlines that the writers must follow within the group.

SL~ Story Line.


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