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What is a Board member?
Board members have two main areas of influence: The actual role play atmosphere of Eldhin and "watching" the members of the Eldhin group. They are the higher members of the group.

Roleplay responsibilities
Your council character represents his/her race in any votes that are taken in Eldhin, District Attorney, and Approving new businesses.

Non-roleplay responsibilities
Approving character submissions in a specific race, helping in deciding member activity (ie, banning, unsubbing, moderating, etc), helping to settle member disputes, Posting date changes, posting weather changes, posting a summary of the week's events in Eldhin

How to become a Board member
#1. Members must approach the existing Board members to be considered a seat on the Board. Due to RL obligations that may be unclear to existing board members, existing Board members generally will not approach a member with the offer of a seat on the Board. In order to request a position on the board a member must fill out the application. 

#2. Members must be an active (interacting with more than one writer and at least two existing board members regularly) member for at least two months before being reviewed by the board.

#3. Members must have no infractions (breaking any of the rules) for 30 consectutive days. This rule is open to leniacy. For example: If a tag or heading is forgotten once in a 30 day period, the member can still be considered for the Board.

#4. Members must be actively be helping with making suggestions, sending ideas, and offering answers to others' suggestions or questions. Offering help to new members or existing members.

#5. Members must have a full understanding and acceptance of all guidlines and rules. Posing questions about needing clarification on rules or gameplay guidelines or sending suggestions will not be "counted against"

the member in respects to becoming a board member.

#6. Once the member submits a request to be considered for the Board, the existing board members will review the member and vote. If the Board members vote to allow the member to become a board member, the existing board will then set up a poll to allow the group members to vote.

Board members are voted in by the other members of the group, you must be an active member of the group for at least 1 month, you must apply for the position, you must be a member of Eldhin Board, you have no infractions (ie, warnings, moderation, etc).
#7. We don't expect you to know the website by heart, but we do expect all applicants to have a basic understanding. In order to ensure that the applicant has a basic understanding and visits the site frequently (at least once a week when the updates are posted), Josh will be contacting you to set up a time to meet with at least two of the existing Board Members in the Board chatroom. This will be conducted much like an interview.
Board member benefits
Your council character is virtually immune. In order to be interacted with when it comes to just about any physical contact, the other writers MUST contact you, you have one of the final desicions in any vote, in order to be "dethroned" you must step down. Stepping down is leaving your position in any way (ie, you decide to have your character killed, your character leaves, etc). The only exception to this rule is if the other board members feel you cannot carry out your responsibilities
#1. Board Members must follow all rules set forth on the site. These rules are set up for the Eldhin Yahoo Group, therefore board members must follow the same rules as other members.

#2. When handling problems or concerns with or between nonboard members on or off the list, you must handle this in a "professional" type manner. If things look as though they are getting out of hand, please ask for help with the situation (if help wasn't already requested) from another (or all) board member. Stating the rules and becoming a bit harsh or stern (to a point) is not considered flamming unless personal degredations are pulled in. We all know that tempers will flare and the emotional level will rise.

If this happens you will be warned and you must issue an apology (if fault lies on your side. The owner of the list makes that desicion) in the form the discussion was taken place (i.e, if the problem starts onlist, you must apologize onlist...not only to the direct member, but also to the entire group).

#3. Board discussions stay on the Board list. Do not bring Board discussions to the list unlessit's a poll. You will be warned two times. The third offense will result in you being removed as a Board member.
#4. All Board Members MUST have at least one character in a "government" position other than the given Council position. These positions include D.A., Public Attorney, Judge, etc. You may have an existing character as one of these positions (Only if that character has existing skills to support any of these positions) or you can create a character specifically for that position. They won't be used often so they won't be too busy. :)
Please remember, board members set an example for the rest of the members. The Board isn't asked to do anything that isn't expected of the other members. The Board members should:
1. Visit the website on a regular basis.
2. Role play equally (as posts require) with any and all characters who role play with your characters.
3. Maintain a level of responsibility with posts sent in.
#5. All Board Members must create a new race. Board Members must create a new race to approve as well as have a high council. Humans are only temporary. All new Board Members approve humans first.
A Board Member can be removed from their Board position if they "fall down on the job." If you are "dethroned", this is not removing you from the list and you must wait 1 month before reapplying. Board Members are carefully chosen for their "leadership" abilities.
#1. To look at any problems with a nonbiased eye and be "the voice of reason" to the best of your ability.

#2. To understand and accept the rules and gameplay guidelines to best serve the members who may experience problems, concerns, questions, or confusions.

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