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Name: Callista
E-Mail: callistamoonfire@prodigy.net

Race: symbiants

History of Race:
Symbiants are alien lifeforms that have to have a host to survive, move or act. Symbiants vary and can be nonaggrssive and only add "abilities", nonagressive in a sense that they dont take over the host. Or aggressive in the sense that that they take over the hosts body after a certain amount of time. Symbiants cant be taken from their host, only the host can decide when its time to be rid of the symbiant, if ever.Symbiants vary in abilities and what it "gives" to the host. (there are no "godlike" symbiants) Each Symbiant has a limited number of abilities. (it cant learn or add more as time goes on) Symbiants are only found in one area of Eldhin and cannot be joined with just anyone, they are found on the Eldhin Island of Chaxiri.

Given strengths to ALL Symbiotes: Regeneration. All symbiotes can regenerate parts and peices of themselve. Regeneration rate= 1 hour per inch. Example #1. The symbiote has the ability to form blades. The symbiote forms a 12" blade and 6" gets broken off. The symbiote needs 6 hours to regenerate those lost six inches. Please note that the symbiote is separate from the host in the sense that it CANNOT regenerate flesh and bone with the exception of certain cell related diseases. Example #2: Your character (who is a human in "symbiote mode") gets his arm cut off. The human cannot regenerate the arm, however, when in symbiote mode the arm is formed as it is the arm of the symbiote. This can only happen if the symbiote and host has been bonded for at least 5 YEARS. Another given strength is Psychic connection to all other symbiotes (not the hosts, the symbiant) its not strong, its more of an awareness (or a sensing), when in doubt ask a board member. Another Given: Gaining the knowledge of the entire Symbiote race, but not the knowledge of the HOSTS (biosymbiants are the ONLY exception!). e.g. Riandra was a receiver and she gained the strengths and knowledge of Dreath, but NOT the strengths and knowledge of Marcus. (The connection (psychic, knowledge, etc) is symbiote to symbiote not host to host, there is a fail safe "block" that all symbiote have and use to block that transfer of knowledge, the only exception being when a biosymbiant is born) Again, when in doubt ask a board member!
Each symbiant, like any other race, has varying strengths, available symbiants can give, psychic powers, telepathic powers, language abilities, have blades or knives, flying, strength, imitate clothing for 12 hours(covering the entire body, but can only maintain this for 6 hours), rapid healing unless the host is too close to death and shapeshifting (this can only be maintained for 30 minutes every 4 days(in otherwords the host can shapeshift for 30 minutes and cant again for 4 days),poisons, waterbreathing, (you may chose up to 5 strenghts)

GIVEN weakness (all symbiants have this, being away from or seprated from the host for a lengthy amount of time, each symbiant varies in how long it can be seperated from 6 hours to 3 weeks), Ultrasonic sounds, , moondust, saltwater, sunlight, (you must pick 1 extra weaknesses in addition to the sepration factor)

Symbiants take on the attitude of the host.

Misc Details:
Symbiants are like an extension of the host, yet is a living being. Symbiants must be stored in a case (housing) that is given when the symbiant and host are joined. The casing will protect the symbiant from the symbiants weaknesses (ie sunlight etc).  Please keep in mind when creating, if your making a character that is for example, Lycanthrope and Symbiant, if your Lycanthrope changes with Adrenaline, you must be careful what weaknesses and Strenghts you choose, make sure they work together! Also, be aware that in any other combination of races with a FULL BODY symbiant, the strengths of the Vampire, Daywalker, Lycanthrope, etc are decreased by HALF when in symbiant form! Also, if a Vampire is chosen along with FULL BODY symbiant, when insymbiant form, the skills of flying, mist and shapeshifting are negated! (The only exception is flying IF and only if it is chosen in the bio as a strength for the symbiant) If a character is a receiver from a current PC symbiote/ or BioSymbiote (Board member only can be the "giver"), the receiver PC will always be a full body symbiote, no exceptions. The receiver will have the same strengths and weaknesses of the "giver".

Creator's notes and restrictions for race:
You cannot find a symbiant just anywhere, you must be approved by the Symbiant council and pass certain "restriction limitations" and tests (bio must be approved, lol) The same rules apply for symbiants and interaction with other characters, i.e. Hostw/symbiant cannot attack another character w/out the other writers written permission. Full body symbiants can take from 4 hours to 1 week to fully incorporate into the host body. (Must be stated in bio of new joining)


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