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- Character Information -

Character Name:Garnett Wilder


Character URL (if any)

Address & Phone Number Usually residing in the Settlements on Moreno's outskirts If your human and you want his services, usually once the message is out, he'll find you.

Date & Place of Birth

3 May 1903. Place Unknown

Height/Weight/Physical Description

6'2" well muscled for an elf, though a slender build is deceptive to his strength. Due to his unusual parentage his colouring is different...to that of other elves. His hair is garnet red, mid shoulder lenght and usually worn braided. His eyes are brown but flecked heavily with red which causes them to look as thought they are changing colour constantly.

Rounder featured than your average elf, there seems to be a genuine warmth about him rather than the usual aloofness. Uncomfortable in city wear Garnett tends to stick with roomy shirts and skin trousers.

Citizenship/Ethnic Origin Confused. HIs father was a drow, his mother a wood elf, niehter tribe of which exist to the other. There are sadly no prizes for guessing why his parents emigrated to Eldhin (Hey! I'm only taking dictation!)

Parents' Names & Occupations Mother: Aradia Ashenthorn. Treeshaper who uses her skills for trade.

Father: Kendir Draven: Hunter/Rockshaper/Outcast.

Other Family Members Claret, sister age 45 Ruby, sister age 20 Rufus, brother age 15

Spouse or Lover None Permanent

Friends' Names & Occupations Has oddly enough lots of friends who may or may not be later introduced.

Also a soul friend Derwynn Varey, though why often eludes him and Melandria.

Social Class None

Education Nothing worth remembering that didn't involve honing hunting skills

Occupation/Employer Hunter/Healer The latter of which he claims is thankless.

Salary Alternates depending on who you want hunting :)

Community Status Human: Hunter Elven: Hunter/Healer

Job-Related Skills Tracking of people, animals, were's, Faerie, vamps..ect Knowledge is imbuilt as to where things are on land, beneath the land.

Suvivalist skills, Trap setting Adaptable to most climates and situations Creativity with weaponry. (If he hasn't got it, he'll invent it)

Star reading Dowsing Finding Using and care of most weaponry sureshot

Political Beliefs/Affiliations None, but if it affects him, he'll take notice

Hobbies/Recreations Likes to hone his skills. Keeps his hobbies to the settlement where he can do useless things such as carving, fletching, rock shapeing and generally being around folk. Bewildered by music and finer arts. Likes knives and arrows, spears. Just discovered guns. Impressed by explosives. Currently seeking knowledge about tanks...

Personal Qualities (imagination, taste, etc.)

Despite his congenial demeanour, Garnett is quite a lonely figure but usually comes across as warm if not a little distant. Which he is because usaully he's daydreaming about being knee deep in dirt looking for something interesting. His predominant trait is his loyalty, once a friend you've got him for life. His imagination is prone to flight, but he does try to keep it undercontrol. Usually he likes being around people, but other elves tend to shun him because of his genetics and humans are rightly wary. He has a lot of inate gifts that if he took time to develop them could see him turning into something quite wonderful as he matures. Quite an earthy guy really.

However he has a darker side to him that's really nasty and he is not the elf to P.Off

Ambitions Very few he isn't particularly driven unless intensely upset by something.

Fears/Anxieties/Hangups Drainers tend to worry him as they do most elves and he also experiences anxiety when he thinks about any lapses into his darker half.

Intelligence enough

Sense of Humor Down to earth, appreciates utterly filthy sexist jokes and speciest comments though he has no particular grievence against anyone.

Unfortunately he is elven so he probably found the film Nightbreed funny and more than likely appreciates lightbulb jokes.

Most Painful Setback/Disappointment Watchind his friend Derwynn fall slowly into madness and an attitude of more elfin than thou. Knowing that this was coming and knowing he was probably going to beat it out of him eventually. Hates seeing things coming a mile off.

Most Instructive/Meaningful Experience Realising he could heal as well as harm.

Health/Physical Condition/Distinguishing Marks/Disabilities His only distinguishing mark is his colouring and a scar along his left hip that's rather nasty. Other than that his health and physical condition are excellent and he intends to keep them that way.

Strength & Weakness Speed and strenght are incredible if not dangerous. Very agile. Elfbolts, sureshot, knowledge of land that seems to be cellular, Ability to heal self and others through touch. Shadow crawler. An ability to hide in most places. Has some clairsentinence in as much as if something's creeping up on him in the nearby area he knows about it.

Weaknesses: Draining as with most elves. Iron. Other than the sensing thing he's a psychic as a brick.

Sexual Orientation/Experience/Values I dont' think he's fussy. After all he's an elf.

Tastes in food, drink, art, music, literature, decor, clothing None of this has ever been important to him

Attitude toward Life It confuses and bewilders, he will never understand it.

Attitude toward Death Does this happen to elves?

Philosophy of Life (in a phrase)

Eh?...you do what with it!?!

Copyright 2001, 2002