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Name: Kimber
Character's Name: Madilyne Jennette LeFeyur
Race: Human/ Necromancer (Magic User)
Petition for Address: Dock for her boat at the Pier
Family Members:No known family alive
Friend's Names: No know friends
Social Class/Alignment (Light, Neutral, Dark, Chaotic, or Combination): Neutral/Chaotic: she can be nice when it benefits her
Occupation (including career (if changing), skills, and employer): Causing trouble, selling bad potions to the unsuspecting, jinxing, curses, etc. (Anything bad she can do to upset any and everyone, when it suits her, being "nice" when she thinks that will benefit her)
Intelligence: High in majick and occult. Major in Fire, Minor in Air
Sense of Humor: Verry low to most, but to herself good when being bad.
Tastes in food drink and clothing: mostly gothic, blacks and reds.  If chosen to be seen normally in black or red leather with a floor length black cape.
Fears or Phobias: No known fears, but doesn't particularly like thunderstorms, it usually means the "other side" is upset with her.
Philosophy of Life (in a phrase): Cause trouble and you'll feel great
Date and Place of Birth: Born in 1600 in France to a poor mother who was a witch.
Physical Description (including height, weight, health, physical condition, distinguishing marks, ethnic origin, and emotional make up): 5'6" 130 lbs Jet black hair to her waist normally left down or tied in a knot at the base of her head.  Silver eyes that change to black when she is feeling particularly destructive.  No tattoos or other distinguishing marks.
Strengths and Weaknesses (PLEASE see description above for strengths and weaknesses): normal strengths and weaknesses for humans and
necromancer: normal strengths for humans, weaknesses; cannot use healing spells on self, Aging stops physically (as in decaying). cast any spell as long as conditions are present, Low failure rate depending on the health/strength and age of character and how many spells have already been cast in the 24 hour time period. cast 15 spells in 24 hours, all spells of mastered element, can do medium spells of minored element. Weakness to water based magic.
Brief History:  Madilyne's mother was a witch who gave birth to her after
seducing a high ranking government official as black mail, during a time of witch hunts.  Mad was brought up to hate most people in power.  She was taught majick from birth and began to show signs of her mothers hatred, as she grew the hatred grew, and she vowed vengeance on anyone who crossed her. Mad continued to live in France till the late 1700's when she moved to Salem Mass. in the United states. Continuing to live life the way she wanted started to become boring so she began to move frequently over the US. Her
final stop found her heading toward Eldhin to see what trouble if any she can start, or turn over a new leaf, and change her ways.

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