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The ferry pulls to a stop at the docks. You stretch and look around at the scenery. You gather your bags and realize that the dozing on the 4 hour ferry ride left your legs a bit weakened. You flashback to the reason you came here and hope the new surroundings will offer a new outlook. You breath deep, the smell of the salt water floods your senses.
You are snapped back to reality as the ferryman offers to help with your bags. You give a nervous grin and follow him to the exit of the ferry. You step on to the dock and stand for just a moment, nerves swirling in your stomach. You take a deep breath and walk to the end of the dock where you see several cabs, limos, and cars sitting. You watch as people mill around finding their perspective rides. Somehow you know that this island will accept you and that you are no longer "different".
You get into the car and give directions to your awaiting house. You set a plan in your head that as soon as you get settled in and rest, you will seek out one of the owners to the island to introduce yourself. You lean your head back against the headrest and let out a relaxing sigh. Welcome to Eldhin.

Welcome to Eldhin. This is a fictional world where those who enjoy the aspect of role play come to act out their dreams. The following pages of this site act as an information guide. This site will take you through the world and laws that those who wish to participate must abide by. This is a companion site to the e-mail group of the same name. The group is the main "play area" and the site is your virtual "map".

Here's how it works. Once you join the list you can begin creating your character or you can just lurk to see how it works. You can create any type of character as long as it is not invincible...like a God. There are other rules that are explained on the other pages. Then you just write as though you are your character. The rest of this site is read like a tour guide and should be used as such. There are some pages, however, that read like a newspaper. So basically you will need to bookmark this site for future reference as new things will be added.


To join Eldhin and begin role playing, please click the JOIN!! link on the left.

To enter the chat room or the message forum, please click the Chats link to the left.

Click here to see the maps of Eldhin
Please be patient as the maps are rather large, so they will take a bit to open. :)


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