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Name: Callista
Character's Name: Zegetaja Kimaz
Race: Vampire/Symbiant
Petition for Address: Listed in Legend
Family Members: Taja has no family living
Friend's Names: None, though she desires friends
Social Class/Alignment (Light, Neutral, Dark, Chaotic, or Combination): Light/Chaotic
Occupation (including career (if changing), skills, and employer): She owns Body Designs and Desires (a tattoo/body piercing/gym) She also has many holdings and is independently wealthy. Symbiant High Council
Intelligence: Highly Intelligent, and has street smarts. She is a master in the Ninja Arts and knows medium magick. She also is telepathic and psychic from human birth. Her magick was learned in France in the late 1400's.
Sense of Humor: Dry, wicked dry sense of humor
Tastes in food drink and clothing: She varies in her tastes, but loves wine and nachos. Clothing also varies, her preferences lean toward the "biker" style. She loves her Harley.
Fears or Phobias: She fears never being love, yet she is terrified to love, She fears losing Zege.
Philosophy of Life (in a phrase): "Screw you too"
Date and Place of Birth: Taja was born in human form in France, 1387. Her parents were lower class, her mother a whore, her father a "pimp". Taja was "reborn" as a Vampire in 1402, at age 15. She bonded with Zege in 1725.
Physical Description (including height, weight, health, physical condition, distinguishing marks, ethnic origin, and emotional make up): Taja is 5'1 ,100 lbs, vivid blue eyes, waist length red hair that falls in a riot of curls, several tattoos, mainly Celtic in nature. Navel, Tongue and other parts are pierced, She is tiny and frail looking, but she is far from fragile. (picture a small female boxer). Zege, her symbiote, encompasses her left arm and shoulder, usually he appears as a sort of glove, but can "change" rapidly.
Strengths and Weaknesses (PLEASE see description above for strengths and weaknesses):
Symbiote- (given, regeneration) Languages, all known, Blades or simulation of blades, all, Strength, Rapid healing, Poisons.
Vampire- (the two that were given upon changing)Hypnotize, Telekinesis, (the others bcz of her age)Extraordinary speed, extraordinary strength,Mist, Grace
Symbiote- (given Separation from host for most that 1 week)Moondust
Vampire- Beheading, Removing heart
Brief History: Taja was born to parents that didn't want her from day one, she was beaten, tortured and at the age of 10 her father tried to add her to his "stable" of whores. Taja, hearing the plans to make her "available" the next night, snuck out and ran away, never looking back. (She heard later her mother died of Cholera and her father was beheaded)After 3 years of wandering the streets, stealing and begging, Taja met a man named "Andre" who had the most incredible smile and eyes she had ever seen. He took her in as his ward, when she saved his life by stopping him from drinking ale that had been poisoned. He cleaned her, dressed, fed and cared for her, but was never available during daylight hours. At the age of 15, she heard rumor that her "father" was to be hunted and put into the Bastille. She could not bear the thought of losing Andre, so she warned him of what she had heard. Andre, knowing that he must flee or perish, revealed his true form to Taja and offered her a place by his side, as his daughter, for all eternity. Taja never thought twice and accepted his "gift". For many years, Andre had Taja tutored in writing, reading, mathematics and Ninja arts. He taught her that being a daughter was not painful. In 1725 Andre, during his travels, learned of creatures called symbiotes, and wished to learn more. Taja followed with him and Zege chose her. Taja's life was fulfilling, caring and happy, until the late 1800's when during she and Andre became separated. He was captured and his final words where they would reunite. Taja has wandered since then, afraid she would never find her father, never find a soul mate and building a strong shield to protect her heart. She heard of Eldhin and came here in the hopes of learning news of her father and to build a life.

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