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Race: Lycanthrope

History of Race:
Lycanthropes encompass any humanoid that can change forms to any 1 creature not humanoid. Lycanthropes are humanoids who were bit by another lycanthrope. They are like vampires where as they live "forever" and stop aging. They are known to eat flesh. As in vampires, the older they get the stronger they get.

Lycanthrope packs are very much like the mafia in their inner workings in that the Alpha is generally highly respected and the pack usually holds inter-pack honor. The pack, generally, will not try to destroy the Alpha.

YOUNG~ Young lycanthropes are called the young of their species (i.e, kitten, cub, peep, etc). Young lycanthropes are those who are less than 20 lycanthrope years.

WERES~ Weres are the most common Lycanthrope. They are any age ranging from 20-50 lycanthrope years.

ALPHA~ An Alpha Lycanthrope is the leader of the pack and the strongest. Alpha's can be challanged for their position by another Alpha. Once a lycanthrope is 51 or older in lycanthrope years they are an Alpha.

These strengths are given in all lycanthropes.
Full Moon
Heightened senses
Extraordinary strength
Heightened instincts
Rapid healing
Resistant to desease and illnesses (they can still be inflicted, however they won't kill and they last half the time as in "normal" humanoid the writer chooses for the humanoid form)

These weaknesses are given in all lycanthropes
Sunlight (in "were" form)
Holy Symbols (as a deterrant)
Talismans (must be specifically made to ward of a specific lycanthrope species...i.e, a talisman made to ward off a werewolf will not work on a weretiger. It MUST be listed in the talisman user's bio)

Misc Details:
Methods of destroying:
MUST pick at least 1
Silver in any and all forms
Killed by another lycanthrope of the same species (i.e, a weretiger can only be killed by a weretiger) while in "were" form
Holy Symbols made specifically for destroying

Methods of turning into "were" form:
MUST pick at least 1 (can choose more if desired)
Full Moon
At will
Heightened adrenaline levels (includes fear, excitement, AND extreme anxiety)
Being separated from talisman (Can have a talisman to prevent changing into lycanthrope form. If separated from talisman, the character begins to change immediately. Talisman and distance from talisman for character to change MUST be in the bio. No distance over 1 mile will be accepted.)

Creator's notes and restrictions for race:
It is not unheard of (but very rare) for a young or were lycanthrope to be an Alpha. This only happens two ways:
#1. If the lycanthrope aquires "his own" following. Example: 30 year old (lycanthrope years) were travels and gathers several younger lycanthropes who "follow" him. He is the Alpha of that pack. Unless his "throne" is taken over by an older lycanthrope.

#2. Inheriting Alpha title. Example: An Alpha dies and names a 30 year old were as Alpha. In this instance, if the deceased Alpha is highly respected and there are no "rogue" lycanthropes in the pack, the Alpha-Were will most likely keep his position.
#3. Each province is allowed 1 Alpha of each species (werewolf, weretiger, etc.) unless challenging or visiting. A challenge MUST be initiated within 1 week RT. If this is not done, the character will be banished to another province. ALL challenges MUST be discussed between writers.

Copyright 2001, 2002