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name: Josh

Character's Name: Michael David Nyte Blackstone

Date: 11/15/02

Race: Daywalkers

Sub Race: True Empath

Address: With Damien and Jade
Family: Niko and Natalia Nyte (killed in the ferry crash) Damien and Jade adopt them
Friends: None as of yet

DOB and AGE (Please include human date of birth, "changing" (Vampire, etc) DOB and BOTH Ages): 10/31/99 8:35pm Michael is 3 years old
Alignment: Light (True and Natural Light Bringers)

Occupation: He's only three. What do you expect from him?? lol

Intelligence: Very smart for a three year old. He is also wise way beyond his years.

Sense of Humor: Hysterical, but he acts like he doesn't know. He's a "normal" brother (stealing sister's toys and teasing her with them, etc).

Tastes: He likes anything that isn't very good for you (fast food, fried food, etc) He is particularly fond of sweets. Obviously, he likes blood. Cars and trucks.

Fears: boats (any water based vehicle), stakes, beheading, any hard or sudden movements to his body that was not instigated by him. (e.g. if an elevator jostles it will scare him, but if he jumps off the steps it wont), claustraphobic (this includes arms and/or hands being bound or pinned close to the body)

Philosophy: "Mine!" and "No fair!"

Physical Description: 39" Very light blonde hair (think Village of the Damned) and ice blue eyes. Likes anything he can play in (jeans, t-shirts, etc). His hair is just above his shoulders. The ends curl slightly.
Strengths and Weaknesses:
  • Daywalker Strengths: Given: Can be in daylight with no
     problems.Has no need for a special "coffin" or earth to survive. Lives "forever", like a vampire.
  • Gained from birth: Telepathy (Psychic Abilities, including precog, clairaudient, clairvoyant, Clairsentient and touchknow), shapeshifting.
  • Daywalker weaknesses: Given: Can be injured easier than a vampire, takes longer to "heal" or regenerate. (A daywalker takes three times as long to heal from a wound at any given age)
    Gained from birth: Stake through the heart and beheading (from her dad)
  • True Empath Strengths: Given: Remote Viewing 100 yards, Emotional Empathy (joy), Aura Perception, Mental Sheilding , Telepathy (based more on images and surface thoughts ), Other Sight (Ability to sense Spirits) Influence Emotions in Others (humanoids), Project Emotions
  • Other Strengths: Electrokinesis, Land Affinity, Spirit Manipulation, Spirit Communication
  • True Empath weaknesses: can sense the emotional states of those around them. Causes silence, zoning and thumb sucking for her, she needs rest and well balanced meals to rejuvenate. She also is able to rejuvenate by connecting with her twin and with Jade and Damien. When she loses control, watch out!


He was born in Seattle, to parents who lived a very unusual life, his mom was a medical examiner and a true empath, his father a vampire and a cop. They were very open with their young children, not exposing them to too much, but also allowing them to be open, honest and learn that there are bad guys. He, on occasion, when in the midst of a "tantrum" has been known to cause disruptions involving electricity (lights blow or flickers, tv blows or changes channels, electrical appliances turn on and off, etc) thus he was taught at a young age, to try to control this, though it isn't always successful. When he and his sister, Missy, join hands, their gifts, strengths and "powers" join and grow at an alarming rate. The good news is that Missy and Michael are true and natural light bringers, they leave most who meet them with a feeling of peace and calm.

In Nov, 2002, his parents made a decision to make a "guardianship" paper, leaving Jade and Damien Blackstone (long time friends of Niko) as guardians of the twins in the case of their deaths. Niko decided the family needed a vacation and thought a visit to Eldhin, to introduce Natalia and the twins to Damien and Jade was in order. They flew to Florida, then hopped a ferry to go to Eldhin, as they arrived , Niko got a call from "work" telling him of an emergency that he had to return home for, Natalia and Niko decided that since they had not phoned Jade and Damien, thus the Blackstones were not expecting them, they would return home and come back later. (They did not know that Damien was on the same ferry), The children had "run off" to play, just before the ferry wrecked, in which their parents died, they were saved by a freak accident. Their parents bodies were only found after the Police Dept dredged the area.