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Your name: Zel
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Character's Name:A'luna Cayde

Race: Faerie

Sub Race: Vampire

()Magic User: Some natural magic's/ basic magic. A'luna can use natural
magics and she is adept at these. These include plant charming and animal
speak/charming. Due to her natural ability with animals and plants she has
a natural degree of charm where it comes to humans anyway. It's not the
sort of thing that would bend the free will but would certainly give pause
to think if you'd wish her harm or not.

Petition for Address: A'luna resides above the skylines, taking shelter in
domes and whereever she can. She has no set address for reason which will
become obvious as you read down:)

Family Members:Cayde Allarin (Deceased lifemate)

Friends' Names: She's a real little Bessie-no-mates at the minute

Date and Place of Birth: A'luna has been around so long that she's
forgotten her original birthdate, though she believes it was sometime in
the 1600's. Her date of turning (vampiric) however she remembers well.
1728, August 2nd.

Social Class/Alignment (Neutral, Light, Dark, Chaotic, or Combination):
She has no social class other than perhaps that of vagrant though this
does not describe her aptly. Her alignment is neutral as she is not really
interested in other peoples problems at the minute.

Occupation (Include career goals (if changing), skills, and employer):
Proffesional scavenger.
Intelligence: A'luna is deeply scarred by her past, has a very poor memory
in a lot of instances and in others can become down right derranged. She's
intelligent, but not in a human fashion (well she isn't human afterall!)

Sense of Humor: She's been too busy with angst to discover this.

Tastes in food drink and clothes: Any food will do, prefferably fresh and
mostly vegetable matter, she does not eat meat...though she has to drink
blood in order to survive. This makes sense only in her mind...
Clothing: Whatever she's scavenged though she is usually seen in a tatty
grey cloak that sweeps down to the floor and has a large hood to cover her
face. She's quite big on hiding her nature if she must walk amidst the
surface dwellers.
Fears or Phobias: She's afraid of small, well locked places. ELVES.

Philosophy of Life (in a phrase): She doesn't have one

Physical Description (include height, weight, health, physical condition,
distinguishing marks, ethnic origin, and emotional make up):

Physical: Stands at a grand height of four foot five, she's very delicately
built and very light (she has to be in order to be airborne)
Her hair is a very pale blonde, her eyes are slightly insectoid framed by
feather gold eyebrows like those of a moths. The rest of her face is quite
pretty with pointed features like those of an elf, though her skin is a
dusky blue colour. Her wings are like those of the Cabbage White butterfly.
It's strange but since she's been turned into a vampire her colouring has
faded, turning her slowly less butterfly like and more toward the moth in

Health: Good considering what's she's been through. She's usually
flittering around the bins though because she's quite underfed (In both

Emotional make up. A'luna is flighty and easily frightened, which isn't
surprising. She is however stronger than she looks. Her negative traits
would be the tendancy to brood and sulk.

Strengths and Weaknesses (PLEASE see the above description for strength and

Strenghts: When the vampire bit her, she gained strenght and speed which
makes her a very deceptive enemy. In the years that she's been a vamp she
has learned mist and yet more charm. (Is this accurate?)

Weaknesses: Like all faery she is usless without those wings of hers (though
the vamp in her might counteract this) She's prone to having moments where
she's less than sane and reliable...(though she doesn't know this yet) She
has an incredibly bad memory and a tendency to lose time. She still isn't
over the death of her lifemate CAyde

Brief History:

A'luna came from England which was a troubled land at the time. Vampires
and elves were at one another's throats and she got caught in all of this
shortly after her lifemate had died in one of their short but bloody

In a desperate bid for peace one faction of vampires sent out an embassador,
it went bottom up and the elves gathered in an angry mob to kill the vampire
in the worst way that they could imagine. In a bid to show them that
vampire were not so different to themselves this one grabbed A'luna who
happened to be the in the wrong place at the wrong time and bit her e times,
her turning happened too quickly.

As you can imagine the Elves who were anti-vamp thought that she was an
abomination and shunned her. Through the centuries she became the
equivalent to an elfin bogeyman in these lands. Mothers would tell their
children that she was eight foot tall, hairy and had teeth the size of
scythes. A'luna never cared she was still smarting over the loss of her
lifemate which she has never got over.

Along the way she found Eldhin and believing it a land where she would be
left alone at last she landed. The silly girl got herself trapped one day
when she picked the wrong person to bite. (Derwynn Varey) Little is known
about how the events to how she got locked in a room with only one brick
window, but she did.

As you can imagine months of torture both emotional and physical did not do
wonders for this little ladies state of mind. She's out at the moment
looking for a pair of twins so that together they can all exact their

Copyright 2001, 2002